WPC Art Walk

Welcome to the WPC 2019 Art Walk. Creativity plays a major part in the world of Parkinson’s, from painting and singing, to dance, music and beyond. Creativity lifts spirits, inspires people and in some cases, helps soften or diminish symptoms, even if just temporarily. This is why we celebrate creativity at the WPC.

Please explore the art exhibits we have on display throughout the convention center. Stop by the WPC Theater to enjoy some live music and dance, view the photos from the Face of Parkinson’s photo exhibit, be mesmerized by the thousands of folded cranes carrying messages of hope. Don’t forget to add a poem or two to the Haiku display.

If you love ceramics, be sure to visit the Rigor Vitae exhibit. Pieces are for sale and half of all sales will go into the WPC Travel Grants program for the next WPC.

WPC 2019アートウォークへようこそ。絵画、歌、ダンス、音楽などのアートはパーキンソン病学会においてとても重要な役割を持っています。アートや創造性は精神を高めたり、勇気をくれたり、病気の事を忘れて楽しい時間を過ごす事が出来ます。だからこそWPCではアートや創造性を大切にしています。

コンベンションセンターの至る所で展示されているアートを是非お愉しみ下さい。 WPCシアターに立ち寄り、ライブミュージックやダンスを楽しんだり、フェイス・オブ・パーキンソン(パーキンソン病と生きる人々)の写真展を見たり、何千もの折り鶴に込められた希望のメッセージをご覧下さい。俳句のエリアでは、是非ご自身の俳句を作ってみませんか。


Origami : Soaring with Hope for Parkinson’s Project

Location: Event Hall

Designed and created by three people living with young onset Parkinson’s this visually stimulating and carefully created art installation really soars. More than 500 volunteers worked 1,800 hours to fold and string 15,000 cranes to umbrellas. Messages of hope and cranes came from 39 countries and have raised awareness of Parkinson’s and inspired many people around the world to fold their first origami crane. Exhibit received support from US WorldMeds and Britannia Pharmaceuticals.



Dance & Video : PD Crane Dance Project

Location: Event Hall

The PD Crane Dance Project was inspired by the Soaring with Hope art installation. This project invited people from around the world to contribute creative movement pieces. With more than 50 dance groups from 17 countries with over 800 dancers, it has become the world’s largest PD Dance Project. The compilation video knits together over 40 two-minute dances inspired by origami cranes. These dances are very creative, inspirational and uplifting, giving one a sense of Hope through dance.

ダンス&ビデオ:PD 「鶴の舞」ダンスプロジェクト

PD鶴の舞ダンスプロジェクトはthe Soaring with Hope art installation により パーキンソンの人達を応援するために用 意されました。このプロジェクトは、世界中から創作ダ ンスをする人々を集めました。その結 17カ国から50以上のダンスグ ループ、そして800人以上のダンサーが集 まり、世界最大のPDダンスプロジェクト となりました。完成されたビデオは、折り鶴から創造さ れた2分間 ダンスを40以上つないで編 集したものです。 このダンスは非常に独創的でいてとても 心に響き、ダンスを通しパーキンソン患 者に希望を感じさせてくれます。

Poetry : Haiku

Location: New Hall

Haiku is an ancient form of poetry started in Japan. Started by the poems submitted to the WPC Haiku competition in 2018 this project took on a life of its own. Help us grow this exhibit!

In your congress bag, or at the exhibit area, you’ll find cards and pens to write your own poem to add to the haiku exhibit. All languages welcome!


俳句は日本では17世紀に始まった日本語の典型詩です。 2018年WPC俳句大会がきっかけで始まりました。今回皆さんにも是非、参加いただきたいと思います。


Photography : Face of Parkinson’s

Location: Outside Annex Hall A

Started at the WPC 2016, this exhibit captures the images of 40 individuals who represent the members of the community. They are people with Parkinson’s, family members, caregivers, doctors, researchers, nurses, occupational therapists and more.

WPC was founded on the premise that we will succeed in finding better treatments and cure when we sit together around a table rather than in silos. This photo exhibit captures faces of the community and inspires with stories about those who are part of the global Parkinson’s team.

写真展:顔 パーキンソンと共に

WPC2016から始まったこの企画は 15カ国から、それぞれの地域を代表する63人の写真を展示しています。彼らはパーキンソン病患者、家族、介護者、医師、研究者、看護師、セラピストなどの人々です。


Ceramic art : Rigor Vitae

Location: New Hall

The tremendous fire of the kiln transforms clay into stone, making a flexible thing become firm, impervious to water, weather, and time. Tina Gebhart is an accomplished potter who has Early Onset Parkinson’s. As she creates her work, the artist and the artwork begin to merge, both finding ways to be simultaneously fluid and rigid. Her pots reference wares of Mino (Japan), Koryo (Korea), Ironstone (USA), as well as Mashiko and Joman corded pottery (Japan).


陶芸(英: Pottery)とは、粘土をこねて焼成することにより陶磁器をつくる技術のことです。ティナ・ゲプハートは若年性パーキンソン病でありながら熟練した陶工でもあります。彼女が作品にのめり込むにつれ、作者と作品自体が融合し、硬い陶器に柔らかさを感じる作品になっています。彼女が参考にした作品は美濃(日本)、高麗(韓国)、硬質陶器(米国)や益子焼と縄文土器(日本)と言われています。

Music & Movement Performances

Location: Event Hall

Daily musical and movement performances can be found in the WPC Theater in the Event Hall. Artists from around the world will be taking the stage to showcase the talent in the Parkinson’s community and the power of music, song, and movement.



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