Pre-Congress Course II

Interdisciplinary Care and Parkinson’s Disease: State of the Evidence, How to Build a Center, and Working Through Cases with a Team

Target Audience: Neurologists, Nurses, Rehab Specialists, Social Workers, Clinic Coordinators

Goal: To provide a forum for discussion of the evidence surrounding the impact of interdisciplinary care models and the realities of building a center.

Learning Objectives:
1. be able to explain multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary care and the evidence supporting these models;
2. detail at least two cultural implications that impact the design of team care;
3. discuss real life case studies with team members to understand how teams address complex issues and how various team member decisions can impact other decisions (by other team members).

8:55 AM

Remarks by Omotola Thomas (UK)

9:00 AM

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Care and the Current State of the Evidence
Speaker: Julie Carter (USA)
Summary: Evidence for and against interdisciplinary care for Parkinson’s. What’s the evidence?

10:00 AM

How do I build a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary center? Challenges we may face in the process
Speaker: Michael Okun (USA) & Genko Okyama (Japan)
Summary: Really looking at the logistics and challenges of building a multidisciplinary center. What is the starting point, how to grow this, what to do to create the right kind of foundation to build on, how to ensure data points are collected along the way to track impact.

11:00 AM

Models of care across different regions of the world: What can we learn from each other?
Speaker: Bas Bloem (The Netherlands)
Summary: Looking at different models of care to tease out cultural implications that may cause challenges in building the model or may make it easier to work with. What can we learn from these other models? How is care different in different countries and even within different regions of the same country?

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Case Discussions I: Motor Features of Parkinson’s Disease
Moderator: Michael Okun (USA)
Speech Language Pathologist: Corrinne Jones (USA)
Registered Nurse: Lucie LaChance (Canada)
Occupational Therapist: Lisa Warren (USA)
Physical Therapist: Meg Morris (Australia)
Surgeon: Kelly Foote (USA)
Neurologist: Suketu Khandhar (USA)

2:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:00 PM

Case Discussions II: Non-Motor Features of Parkinson’s Disease
Moderator: Suketu Khandhar (USA)
Social Worker: Elaine Book (Canada) 
Neurologist: Anne-Louise Lafontaine (Canada)
Occupational Therapist: Lisa Warren (USA)
Psychiatrist: Daniel Weintraub (USA)
Neuropsychologist: Kathy Dujardin (France)
Person with Parkinson's: Omotola Thomas (UK/Nigeria)

4:30 PM

Closing Remarks
Speaker: Michael Okun (USA)

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