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Friday, June 9, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kathleen Jordan




 Date/Time  Sessions Available  Speaker
 Tuesday, September 20th 6:30 PM  Opening Ceremony  
 Wednesday, September 21st 8:00 AM  Influenza vaccine or Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) can protect against microglial activation and a subsequent increase in oxidative stress susceptibility of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra following infection with the non-neurotropic H1N1 influenza virus Richard Smeyne (USA)
 Wednesday, September 21st 8:15 AM  Neuroinflammation in prediagnostic Parkinson's disease: A multitracer PET study of idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder patients Morten Gersel Stokholm (Denmark)
 Wednesday, September 21st 8:30 AM  Moving through glass: Exploring augmented reality technology for people with Parkinson's David Leventhal (USA)
 Wednesday, September 21st 8:45 AM  Neuroprotective potential of transcription factors Lmx1a and Lmx1b in mouse models of Parkinson's Disease  Hélène Doucet-Beaupré (Canada)
 Wednesday, September 21st 9:00 AM  WPC Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Parkinson Community

Presented by: Marie-Francoise Chesselet

Awarded to: David Leventhal

 Wednesday, September 21st 9:15 AM  Targeted modulation of motor and mood circuits using deep brain stimulation: Complementary studies in Parkinson's disease and major depression  Helen Mayberg (USA)
 Wednesday, September 21st 9:45 AM  What is new in DBS - A clinical perspective: Notions of decision-making, early vs. late  Andres Lozano (Canada)
 Wednesday, September 21st 10:15 AM  Outcome: What can you expect in the short term and the long term  Micheal Okun (USA)
 Wednesday, September 21st 10:45 AM  DBS: The lived experience  Andy McDowell (New Zealand)
 Wednesday, September 21st 12:00 PM
 Levodopa over the last 50 years, where we've come and where we are going
 John G. Nutt (USA)
 Wednesday, September 21st
 End of Day Wrap Up


Simon Lewis (Australia)


Veerle Baeklandt (Belgium)

Stanley Fahn (USA)

Etienne Hirsch (France)

Stuart Jackson (Canada)

Alice Nieubower (Belgium)

 Thursday, September 22nd 8:00 AM  Large-scale exploratory analysis of genetic risk factors for cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease  Ignacio Mata (USA)
 Thursday, September 22nd 8:15 AM  Investigation of exercise vs. repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation induced dopamine release: [11C] Raclopride PET study  Matthew Sacheli (Canada)

 Thursday, September 22nd

8:30 AM

 Diffuse brain injury in swine causes plasmalemmal dysruption and alpha-synuclein over-expression in the substantia nigra  Carolyn Keating (USA)
 Thursday, September 22nd 8:45 AM  Can living micro-tissue engineered axonal tracts reconstruct the nigrostriatal pathway in PD   John Duda (USA)
 Thursday, September 22nd 9:00 AM  WPC Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Parkinson Community 

Presented by: A. Jon Stoessl

Awarded to: Julie Carter

 Thursday, September 22nd 

9:15 AM

 How are genes studied and involved in PD, from causing genes to risk factors  Tom Gasser (Germany)
 Thursday, September 22nd 9:45 AM  How does environment modify genetic PD risk?  Beate Ritz (USA)
 Thursday, September 22nd 10:15 AM  What can you do with this information, and what will it do to you?  Jason Karlawish (USA)
 Thursday, September 22nd 10:45 AM  Genetic testing: Empowerment or risk for people with Parkinson's?  Alice Lazzarini (USA)
 Thursday, September 22nd 12:00 PM

 Living well with Parkinson's 


Roger Barker (UK)


Brian Grant (USA)

Tim Hague (Canada)

Andy McDowell (New Zealand)

Linda Olsen (USA)

 Thursday September 22nd 5:15 PM  End of Day Wrap Up


David Iverson (USA)


Leonidas Stefanis (USA)

Tiago Outeiro (Germany)

Alice Lazzarini (USA)

Malin Parmar (Sweden)

Julie Anderson (USA)

 Friday, September 23rd 8:00 AM  Understanding the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease through genetic modifiers  Marie Davis (USA)
 Friday, September 23rd 8:15 AM  Exosome-associated oligomeric alpha-synuclein transmissions in vitro  Marion Delenclos (USA)
 Friday, September 23rd 8:30 AM  Inhibition of glucosyleramide synthase alleviates aberrations in synucleinopathy models: Link to GBA-related Parkinson's disease  S. Pablo Sardi (USA)
 Friday, September 23rd 8:45 AM  How are we going to tell the children? An overview and review of the children's literature about Parkinson's disease  Adele Hensley (USA)
 Friday, September 23rd 9:00 AM  WPC Award for Distinguished Service to the Community

Presented by: Serge Przedborski

Awarded to: Tom Isaacs

 Friday, September 23rd 9:15 AM  Overview: What's the difference between stem cells and IPS cells?  Malin Parmar (Sweden)
 Friday, September 23rd 9:45 AM  Disease modeling using IPS cells  Steve Finkbeiner (USA)
 Friday, September 23rd 10:15 AM  Transplantation in humans: An update  Roger Barker (UK)
 Friday, September 23rd 10:45 AM  What it means for people with Parkinson's  - The patient perspective  Tom Isaacs (UK)

 Friday, September 23rd 12:00 PM

 Allocating Scarce Resources: Care v. Cure


Dave Iverson (USA)


Peter LeWitt (USA)

Sara Rigarre (Sweden)

Pam Quinn (USA)

Jon Palfreman (USA)

Terry Ellis (USA)

Albert Agro (Canada)

 Friday, September 23rd 5:15 PM
 End of Day Wrap Up


Jon Palfreman (USA)


Terry Ellis (USA)

Edward Fon (Canada)

Patrik Brundin (USA)

Alexandra Nelson (USA)

M. Angela Cenci Nilsson (Sweden)



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