World Parkinson Choir
The application for the WPC 2022 Choir will open on
September 6, 2021.

WPC 2022 Opening Ceremonies will begin with song! You are invited to join the WPC 2022 Choir to unite together as one global Parkinson’s community connecting through music. The winning song from the WPC 2022 Song Contest will open the congress and it would be wonderful have YOUR voice in the choir.

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There is NO COST to join the choir – it is a bonus to your WPC experience!!!

About the World Parkinson Choir The World Parkinson’s Choir is a united voice ensemble, coming together as one global Parkinson’s community connecting through song! Voices will join collectively from all over the world, each person bringing unique qualities to the group dynamic, and to the musical output of the chorus. We will be singing in English.

Who can join the WPC World Choir? The WPC World Choir is open to ALL WPC conference attendees: People with Parkinson’s, care partners, caregivers, family, friends, research teams, medical professionals, non-profit professionals, students and WPC sponsors. No singing experience required!

All choir members will have access to monthly internet choir rehearsal sessions via private YouTube rehearsal videos/Podcasts and attend the Pre-Congress Choir/Voice/Rhythm Rehearsal, which includes lunch.

You will be able attend the pre-congress courses during the morning of June 6th, meet the choir for lunch, followed by an afternoon choir rehearsal session. We will sing during the Opening Ceremonies and have additional singing opportunities throughout the congress, at your option.

World Parkinson Choir Director, Judi Spencer
Judi Spencer is a vocal and rhythm specialist who travels internationally leading music, rhythm and vocal workshops for Senior Communities, Parkinson’s, Memory Care, Stroke and People touched with Cancer.

Judi has been involved with the Parkinson’s community for 25 years, beginning when her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1995. She has lobbied in both Canada and the United States as a Parkinson’s Advocate. Locally, Mrs. Spencer has led Parkinson’s Singing and Rhythm Classes and Workshops throughout Seattle and Washington State. The Tremolo Singers, who meet in Bellevue every Tuesday, have been under the direction of Judi Spencer, beginning in 2007.

Judi took on the role of the WPC Choir Director prior to the 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon where she prepared the global choir for its first performance at the WPC 2016 opening ceremony. She followed this performance by leading the choir once again to open the 5th World Parkinson Congress in June 2019 in Kyoto, Japan. In her role as the Choir Director she helped launch and judge the first ever WPC Song Competition in 2018 that garnered more than 40 submissions from the global Parkinson’s community. The two winning songs from that inaugural competition were performed at the opening ceremony in Kyoto.

Judi is a Warrior in Pink and has been cancer-free for 5 years. She and her husband currently live in Seattle, WA, near their three sons, grandson and granddaughter.

Choir Schedule
You will receive monthly emails, beginning January 2022, announcing internet choir rehearsal videos. All rehearsals will be available for your convenience via YouTube and Podcast. After the rehearsal is posted, it is available to you 24/7 (anytime, any day).

Rehearsal Date Location
Rehearsal One January 15, 2022 Online
Rehearsal Two February 15, 2022 Online
Rehearsal Three March 15, 2022 Online
Rehearsal Four April 15, 2022 Online
Rehearsal Five May 15, 2022 Online
Rehearsal Six June 6, 2022 At the convention center
Rehearsal Seven June 7, 2022 At the convention center
Perform at the Opening Ceremony June 7, 2022 At the convention center

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