If you still cannot find your answer, please write to info@worldpdcoalition.org. More information regarding the WPC 2019 will be posted on this site as we get closer to the Congress.









Important Dates


 About the World Parkinson Congress


Q: When is the WPC 2019? 


A: The WPC 2019 will take place Tuesday, June 4 – Friday, June 7, 2019 at the International Kyoto Convention Center in Kyoto, Japan


Q: Who runs the World Parkinson Congresses?

A: The triennial World Parkinson Congresses are designed, hosted, and run by the World Parkinson Coalition Inc., a US-based nonprofit organization dedicated solely to this event and to ultimately bringing the global PD community together. The philosophy of the organization is to bring the diverse PD community together and to create a space for cross-fertilization of delegates' ideas, research projects, and collaboration with the expectation that this opportunity will help expedite the discovery of both the cause and cure of PD. 
Learn more about the WPC Inc.


Q: Who should attend the WPC? 


A: The program will offer something for everyone in the Parkinson's community including researchers studying the cause and cure of PD, the clinicians or allied health professionals who are caring for people with PD, people who are living with the disease themselves or caring for someone living with it. Basically, we expect that anyone touched by PD will find something of value in the four days of sessions. Citizens of all countries are welcome to attend the WPC 2019.


Q: How can my organization/association join the list of WPC Partners? 


A: All nonprofit professional associations/societies and patient voluntary organizations or foundations are welcome to partner with the WPC. There is no fee to partner with the WPC, but the expectation is that your organization will help promote the WPC to your members/supporters. 
View WPC Partners here.

The goal of the WPC is to bring as many members of the community together as possible as we believe this will advance a better understanding of the disease and the daily issues people with PD experience. The more OPs who are on board allows for a broader reach and ensures a more diverse delegate pool allowing for robust discourse on PD science and care. To join our list of growing partners, write to info@worldpdcoalition.org for more details.


Q: What is the official language of the Congress? 

A: The official language of the World Parkinson Congress is English. Simultaneous interpretation from English to Japanese will be available for morning plenaries and the program will also include a special Japanese-language track for families and people with Parkinson’s in Kyoto.


Citizens of ALL countries are welcome to participate in the WPC 2019.


 Travelling to the World Parkinson Congress

Q: How do I get to Kyoto, Japan? 


A: For air travel:

  1. Osaka International Airport (Itami; ITM): The closest airport to Kyoto – 50 minutes by convenient airport limousine bus. Serves mostly domestic flights.

  2. RECOMMENDED AIRPORT :Kansai International Airport (KIX): The main international access point to Kyoto – about 90 minutes from Kyoto by direct express train.


For travel by train, Japan's famous Shinkansen bullet trains service Kyoto Station, located in the heart of Kyoto, making Kyoto easy to get to from other parts of Japan. Travel time by train between Tokyo and Kyoto varies from approximately 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on the line chosen.


Q: Will the WPC offer travel stipends?


A: The WPC offers a limited number of grants to junior scholars and health professionals from developing parts of the world to attend as well as travel stipends for people living with Parkinson's.

The submission window for travel grant applications will open October 1, 2018 on the WPC website. More information on travel grant applications will be published on our site in the fall of 2018.


Q: What are my responsibilities as a congress attendee?

A: Visas are the responsibility of individual delegates, and must be obtained before coming to and arrival in Japan. Please note that the conference organizers and secretariat do not have the authority to act on behalf of individuals in obtaining visas. It is strongly recommended that you apply at least six months in advance to ensure you receive your visa in time for travel. 


Q: What documentation do I need to travel to Japan for the attendance at the WPC 2019?

A: All visitors to Japan require a passport that is valid for the full length of their stay, and may also require other documentation such as a visa. A list of countries whose citizens require visas to enter Japan can be consulted at the Japanese National Tourism Organization visa information page here.

For information and advice we encourage you to consult with the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan nearest you.


Q: Where can I get a Congress invitation letter so that I can apply for a visa?

A: Invitations are available after you have completed your registration. See options available on the online registration form. Registration opens in September 2018.


Q: Where can I find more information about tourism in Japan and Kyoto?

A: Extensive visitor information is available on the Japan National Tourism Organization website  and on the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau website. For a summary of the accessibility of popular attractions in Kyoto, visit the Japan Accessible Tourism Center website.


 Travel Tips for Kyoto, Japan


Q: Japanese Currency:

A: The Japanese currency is the yen. Bills come in 1,000 yen, 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen denominations.Coins come in 1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen and 500 yen denominations.


Q: Cash and Credit Cards:

A: Payment in cash is more common than credit card. Ensure you carry cash with you, including change. Use of change is widespread. A change purse for Japanese coins is very useful.


Q: Bank Machines/ATM for Foreign Cards:

A: Most ATM do not take foreign bank cards The easiest way to withdraw cash in YEN is via the ATMs in the convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Circle K or at banks that have international presence, such as a Citibank ATM.


Q: Manners:

A: General politeness is commonly expected. A few suggestions for everyday use: avoid talking on public transit; blowing your nose in public; ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ are always welcome.


Q: Travelling in Japan:

A: A tourist map with destinations printed in English and Japanese will serve as a handy tool for asking directions.

If planning to travel outside of Kyoto, a Japan Rail pass will save you money. It must be purchased before you arrive. For more information see the Japan Rail web site here.


Q: Transportation and Public Transit:

A: Traffic drives on the left in Japan, and pedestrians generally walk to the left on the sidewalk. Make sure to look both ways when turning or crossing.

When taking a subway insert your ticket then take it back. You will need to insert it in the exit turnstile at your final destination. When boarding a bus enter from the side door and exit from the front. Bus tickets are purchased from the machine in the bus.


Q: Water:

A: Water standards are high in Japan. Tap water is clean and safe to drink.


Q: Common English phrases in Japanese:

A: Most Japanese study English in school but use it rarely. Written English is often easier to understand. A few common words in Japanese are always well appreciated:

Thank you                                - A·ri·ga·

Please (asking)                        - Ku·da·sai

Please (offering)                      - Dō·zo

You’re welcome                       - Dō i·ta·shi·mash·te

Hello                                        - Kon·ni·chi·wa

Goodbye                                  - Sa·yo·na·ra

Excuse me                               - Su·mi·ma·sen

Sorry                                        - Go·men·na·sai

Yes                                          - Hai

No                                            - Ī·e

Help!                                        - Tas·ke·te!

Where’s the toilet?                   - Toy·re wa do·ko des ka?




Q: Where is the WPC 2019?


A: The congress will be held in Kyoto, Japan at the Kyoto International Conference Center, located at Takaragaike in Kyoto Prefecture. Address: Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001, Japan. Phone: 81.75.705.1229 


Q: How do I get to the Congress Venue?

A: Easiest way to get to the IKCC is via the Kyoto subway system. It's accessible, clean, and easy to navigate. Subway tickets and weekly passes can be bought at the entrance to the subway. Look for the "English" button on the machine, to have the text translated to English to make the purchase easier. It's best to have YEN to purchase this since some machines don' take foreign credit cards.


Q. Will food be provided at the Congress?

A: Tea and coffee during the official afternoon breaks will be provided. Lunch boxes will be provided daily for registrants.


Q: Will there be childcare onsite?

A: The WPC will not provide childcare onsite. If you are bringing children, we recommend you look at CareFinder for possible babysitters who have been vetted. https://www.carefinder.jp/en


Q: Can I rent a wheelchair or scooter for the Congress?

A: Options for wheelchair and scooter rental will be confirmed here at a later date.


 Hotel Accommodations

Q: When will registration open for booking hotel rooms?


A: It is open now at www.wpc2019.org


Q: How to book hotel rooms?


A: Details are on the WPC website at www.wpc2019.org. 


Q: Can I book a hotel room without registering for the Congress?


A: Yes, you may. 



Q: When will registration open for attending the WPC?


A: Registration opened in September 2018. May 20, 2019 is the last day to get the Standard rate of registration to attend the WPC 2019. After this date, the prices go up and tickets can be purchased onsite only.

Q: What will the cost be to register?


A: The exact cost to attend the WPC will be on a sliding scale as it has been for the past WPCs. You can view the registration fees here.

Q: Can I register on site?


A: Starting on September 20, 2018 you can register here. 



Q: Are you accepting abstracts?

A: The WPC will be accepting abstracts for posters in that fall under four categories, Basic Science, Clinical Science, Clinical Diagnosis/Quality of Life, and Living with Parkinson's. Abstract submissions will be open on July 9, 2018 and close on November 23, 2018. 

All persons whose abstracts are accepted for display and publication, must register to attend the WPC in person to represent their work. Learn more about abstract submission here 




Q: When will the program be posted? 

A: The provisional program is available for download now at https://wpc2019.org/page/Program. You may consult the program-at-a-glance here.


Q: Will there be a commercial exhibition? 

A: The Congress will contain a commercial exhibition. Click here to download the WPC 2019 Support & Exhibition Prospectus for more information.


Q: Will there be a Mobile Event App I can download?


A: Yes. Look for it now in the App Store under World Parkinson Congress 2019


Q: How can I sign up to receive the WPC eNews?


A: You can click here to sign-up to join our eNews list.


Q: Are you offering continuing educational credit? 

A: The WPC 2019 will offer continuing education through an American provider, with reciprocity for non-American participants. Details on the various educational credits and application will be posted on the WPC website as we get closer to the Congress.


Q: How can I claim my credits?


A: In order to receive continuing education credits, you must sign up for them during registration. The credits will be sent out via email after the congress. If your registration form is being completed by a third party such as your employer or a travel agent. Ensure they include the e-mail address that you would like to receive is entered on the form. 


 Important Dates

July 9, 2018                            Video competition opens

July 9, 2018                            Abstract submission opens

September 10, 2018              Registration & housing open

October 1, 2018                     Travel grants application opens

November 23, 2018               Abstract submission deadline

December 7, 2018                 Travel grants application deadline

January 7, 2019                     Video competition deadline

February 27, 2019                 Early registration deadline

May 20, 2019                         Standard registration rate ends

June 4-7, 2019                       5th World Parkinson Congress




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