Wellness Way


Offering an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the WPC, this area of the Congress we call Wellness way will provide four rooms where delegates can take a break from the science and rest their feet. All these spaces have one thing in common: giving individuals the tools and experiences to enjoy a better quality of life.

Renewal Room

For the enrichment and fun of our delegates, the Renewal Room will feature an extensive program full of interactive sessions such as yoga, dance, singing, drumming and other musical activities. One of the biggest highlights of the WPC experience for many delegates, a phenomenal room to visit. Learn more about the Renewal Room.

Massage & Reiki Room

A place to relax and unwind, the Relaxation Room will offer reiki tables and Reiki Masters, massage chairs and trained massage therapists, at select times each day for short complimentary reiki treatments or massages to ease the stresses of the day.

Meditation Room/ Prayer Room/ Quiet Room

This room will have organized meditation sessions offered over lunch each day from 11:30-1:30PM. Other times of the day, it will be open for delegates to enjoy the space quietly either resting and letting meds kick in or using the space as a prayer room. Comfortable chairs and couches will be available along with a water station.

Care Partner Lounge

Because care partners need support of their own, we are creating a space dedicated to this group of delegates who give endless time and care to their loved ones. The Care Partner Room will be a safe space for care partners to meet and greet each other and will be used both as a support group space during lunch time and have a formal roundtable talk each day geared to care partners.

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